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    I have and so have my clients. Here’s my story …

    Are You Frustrated with your Trading?

    Bill McCready, FounderI was too. I spent nearly $50,000 on many courses, seminars and trading systems that never worked as promised. And, I still “Did not know what I did not know!” I traded for four years, with little success. Finally on Y2K, I made a very large losing trade of $50,000 on silver that included options and futures based on Fundamentals and the fact that all my other engineering buddies thought that all computers would crash.

    That was it for me. My wife said either figure this out or quit trading and get another job. So over the next six months I tested indicators, studied money management and trading psychology until I had the “Aha moment”.

    The Futures Trading Secrets System was born and the rest is history. It still works today with only minor changes. If you are frustrated or tired of the Internet hype or just totally confused. Call my office at (775) 747-8829 (PST) after your read this website for a no charge consultation.

    I’ve Invested the Time, Done The Research &
    Spent the Money So You, Too Can Become

    My name is Bill McCready and I was the typical loser in the stocks and commodities trading game. Until I started to trade, my life was one success after another. I thought trading would be easy! I asked myself, if I am such a smart guy, why was I still not a successful trader?

    I bought a lot of “CRAPOLA” from Internet marketers who were not traders. I was on the classic “Search for the Holy Grail” of trading. The more I read, the more confused I got.

    I was fed up and almost quit. It was only after I sat down and looked over FOUR YEARS of charts and notes reviewing every trade and every setup I had ever used that I made this amazing discovery. Trading could be very simple if you just applied a few simple, logical rules.

    Chart settings are only about 10% of the trading business, but I estimate that I tested over 200,000 different settings to find just the right mix for two setups. That’s right, you only need to learn two setups. What could be easier and faster?

    I made most of the following mistakes. I did learn two things about myself. I was negatively biased. Meaning I did not believe the trend would continue and second I did not believe in my approach, so I was constantly trying to jump the gun. See if any of the following happen to you.

    If you don’t know my background, I was a Fast Attack Nuclear Submarine Officer, built and managed the world’s largest astronomical observatory in Hawaii, developed a $500 million sales organization, started and ran my own Venture Capital Fund, and owned 11 businesses before I got into trading.

    For the last 20+ years I have been devoted to trading, and it has become my passion. You can make a month’s income in a few hours a day trading Futures with no employees, virtually no overhead, great tax advantages and work from a laptop anywhere in the world.

    I have degrees in Mathematics, Physics and Nuclear Engineering so I knew I could figure out a profitable system. So I set up my design criteria and started my research.

    To start, I threw out everything that didn’t work by TESTING THOSE 200,000 DIFFERENT SETTINGS on all kinds of indicators to get a simple, duplicatable system that worked at least 80% of the time. The result was the Futures Trading System.

    Several Important Design Principles Were Followed

    • The Futures Trading Secrets System had to work under all market conditions.
    • The Futures Trading Secrets System had to tell you when NOT to trade.
    • The Futures Trading Secrets System had to give very reliable 80% signals.
    • The Futures Trading Secrets System  had to give you targets and exits in order to maximize profits.
    • Finally, the Futures Trading Secrets System had to have a conservative money management system.

    Why did I need these design elements? Because I was designing this futures trading system for my own success.

    I also discovered that there were three even more important interrelated parts to a successful trading system. You needed the Mental Toughness to control your emotions while trading,

    The 1-2-3 Go Formula For Trading Success

    If you are losing money or not making as much as you could. Get the Futures Trading Secrets System.

    We have purchased systems and seminars varying in price from $97 to $9,997.  While we learned little pieces of the puzzle, either nothing was complete or it was too complicated.  you get access to all our research and testing, free upgrades and free telephone support all for one low price.

    Trading is risky because the future is always unknown. Just as no one can predict the future, no system can do it either. When you get in any trade there is at least a 50-50 chance it will go against you. You need to put the odds in your favor by using our 1-2-3-Go Formula. We advocate using three signals for a high probability trade setup.

    • Signal 1: An early warning exit signal that tells you to wake up and pay attention.
    • Signal 2: A high probability signal that is NON LAGGING (we can prove it).
    • Signal 3: A confirmation signal that is delayed to keep you from being whipsawed.

    When you get all three signals, your odds of a profitable trade can be as much as 80% in your favor.  You must always protect yourself with stops, and have targeted exit(s) and correct position size for proper money management. This is the basis for our Futures Trading Secrets System.





    20 MAJOR ADVANTAGES over any other business!

    It’s Not Rocket Science! This Part’s Easy!

    Trading index Futures and Forex, or any market you decide, is the absolute perfect business. But you must LEARN how to TRADE CORRECTLY and how to CONTROL your own FEAR and GREED while preserving your investment capital.

    20 Major Advantages To Trading Futures

    Futures trading is not like any other conventional business. Specifically, here are 20 MAJOR ADVANTAGES futures traders have over your every day business owner.

    1. Low Startup Costs — only your computer and data feed …

    2. Low Overhead — work from home …

    3. No permits or licenses — no regulators …

    4. No set hours — trade when you want …

    5. No self employment tax — capital gains tax only …

    6. No employees — no payroll, no forms, no hassle …

    7. No selling — no products or services …

    8. No inventory — no stock, inventory, no theft …

    9. No advertising — who needs it? …

    10. No steep learning curves — use our course …

    11. No worries about market direction — profit short or long anytime …

    12. No individual stock shocks — general market sentiment …

    13. No interest charges — you put up margin first …

    14. Low transaction fees — $4 – $5 per contract …

    15. No Real Estate — no tenants …

    16. No restrictions on markets to trade — trade what you like …

    17. No restrictions on time frames to trade — trade when you want …

    18. No chat rooms or pricey newsletters required — it’s only you …

    19. Inflation and recession proof — the state of the economy makes no difference …

    20. Total freedom to make all your own choices — no one’s looking over your shoulder or second guessing your every move …

    Once you understand the markets, you can make money in up, down and sideways markets. The principles are all the same. Don’t make this too hard. It is not rocket science.

    You can generate constant cash flow today, by understanding how patterns, price and time are repetitive in the market and how you can take advantage of the mathematical symmetry and natural timing cycles of human psychology.

    Can we guarantee that you will be a successful trader? No, because we cannot control how you use the information provided. Yes! We CAN GUARANTEE that you will have the tools necessary to succeed!

    What if you have no money worries
    and plenty of cash AND the time
    to enjoy it! What should you do?

    1. You must develop adequate cash reserves for all contingencies.

    2. Protect yourself from both inflation and deflation by transferring excess trading funds into precious metals
    3. Lower your consumer debt, switch to lower fixed rates for longer term debt and eliminate all variable interest rate loans.

    4. Develop a cash flow system for yourself that you can totally control without employees, government regulators, and with significant tax advantages.






    Get trained by a 20+ year expert in trading futures …

    Don’t Waste 6 Years Learning to Trade!

    Bill McCready, FounderWhen I first started trading I had limited success. A few big wins and A LOT of small losses. I have owned eleven businesses, including an engineering company, Novell networking company, AM-FM radio stations, an international product trading company, and a venture capital fund and consulting company. I am the creator and originator of the world’s best Futures Trading system and program. I have learned from many people, but the total package is my creation and how I trade. It is what I have to share with you.

    Why a Futures Trading Secrets Course?

    I spent upwards of $50,000 to learn how to trade. Now I am ready to share what I have learned in my Futures Trading Secrets Course so you don’t have to invest that much to learn a new way of trading.

    Check our learning curve; the programs that helped and others that did not help. You can save a lot of time and money by taking our course. See what our students say.

    While thousands of traders and trades contributed to the development of this system, it is not a Holy Grail system, but a method of looking at the market in a different way and a way to make your own decisions and set your own risk levels.

    Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

    The bottom line is that this method works for me and it can work for YOU!
    Bill McCready, Founder





    Here’s what my Futures Trading Course includes …


    Specific Futures Trading Methods

    1. How to trade index futures contracts (e-Mini S&P, e-Mini Russell and e-Mini NASDAQ) with low risk strategies. This futures trading system also works on the DOW, DAX, Euro, Hang Seng, Nikkei and Bonds.
    2. How to spot and trade high profit chart patterns.
    3. How to find high probability Counter Trend trade setups using only two technical indicators.
    4. Key time reversals during the day for the S&P’s, and how to trade at these times.
    5. Patterns in the first hour that will specifically show you whether or not the market will trend for the entire day or not!
    6. How to set Support and Resistance targets for the day.
    7. Charts illustrating each type of high probability trade entries and exits.
    8. How to interpret Price Action and predict the next bar.
    9. How to calculate tomorrow’s Highs and Lows in any market.
    10. How to trade opening gaps and the “End of Day” setups.
    11. A simple technique for the first hour of trading to make 2 to 4 points in the first hour on the e-Mini S&P market.
    12. How to correctly use Fibonacci Retracements and confluence from other time frames for reentering trending markets.
    13. The best way to trade a consolidation and a trading range market.

    What’s In Bill McCready’s
    Futures Trading Secrets Course

    1. Twenty (20) hours of interactive market-time training videos available to you immediately online after purchase! Everything you need to help you learn all our signals fast. Our exclusive dual-time frame systems!
    2. Real-time videos comparing approaches to trading the eMini, including: Stochastic Indicator Systems. MACD and MACD Histogram Systems, CCI and RSI Systems, Pesavento and Fibonacci Systems.
    3. Our 1-2-3 Go System that uses a special NON-LAGGING Indicator with 80% accuracy we discovered while reviewing our nuclear physics books.
    4. The written portion of the 188 page course includes 69 charts, four Excel tracking and support spreadsheets, and all the trading rules and settings.
    5. Plus you get five charting templates, and two work spaces for Ensign Software so you can trade exactly like we do!
    6. You get complete instructions on how to quickly implement the program.
    7. FREE telephone support.

    We also provide personal coaching if you want individual training in all our methods




    Here’s how to grow your income potential with trading …

    Conservative Trades Can Potentially Yield Tremendous Results

    You only need to trade for “2 Net Points” per day on the eMini S&P or 1 Net Point per day on the eMini Russell Index.

    business-plan-for-growthThis is a hypothetical business plan and shows a progression based on consistent effort. Your experience may vary. There is always a high risk of loss when trading futures contracts if you do not always use protective stop losses.

    Futures Trading Projected Income Chart (Sample Scenario). If you follow this plan and you consistently extract 2 net points profit from the E-Mini S&P each day, the total payout after 8 weeks should be $7,500 or more. Your account balance should be $21,500 or more.

    While this plan assumes you  are willing to take more risk as you get better, always err on the side of caution, and cut back the numbers if you feel uneasy or scared. Better safe than sorry.

    The question now becomes, how much money is enough? How do you  feel trading 20 contracts at a time which equals $1,000 per point? Can you maintain the focus necessary to trade consistently for $20,000 of your own money?

    YOU are theoretically taking out over $500,000 per year assuming you take two weeks off for good behavior.

    If you make two – six points on your first trade we recommend you take the day off and go reward yourself. (If you don’t quit after a big win and get greedy, you  will often give it all back.)




    Here’s what Bill’s students say about his course …

    The proof that Bill’s Futures Trading Secrets course works is strictly in the results his students have obtained when they apply what Bill teaches about trading. Here are just a few of the many positive statements Bill’s students have about his course.

    8 straight winning days for total profit of $11,436 and $19k since going live …

    Bill, first, I want to thank you for taking my trading to the next level. I had 8 straight winning days for a total profit of $11,436. Your indicators are incredible! I’m up $19k since going live with FTS. I scalp ER2 and try to stay in the ES for longer periods throughout the day. Done today at +$787.50. Still going strong! +$785 before 9:30 A.M.
    Thanks, Armando Pena

    Spent more than $10,000 on other programs …

    Just to drop you a few lines to thank you for the system. I regret for not having to find your system earlier.

    I have spent more than ten thousands dollars on a few other systems before taking up your system. They cost a lot more, and yet one will not be able to take money consistently from the market.

    Now I have dumped them and I am now using your simple tools to consistently draw money from the market (EMini). It is a lovely experience!

    Warmest Regards,

    Tony Liew

    $5,600 in two days with averages of $1,200-$1,500 per day …

    Bill, nice setups. I cleared $3000 today after commissions, and $2.6k yesterday… : ). I am doing extremely well with your system. My average profit is $1200-1500 and my best trade to date is $5,075 with 8 contracts traded three times for the day. Had you sold your system for $4,995 this would still have been a bargain for me.

    I think your program is the absolute best on the market, I should know because I have purchased so many systems and books over the years. I promise you won’t be disappointed in Bill’s system. I’ve spent a lot of money on systems and books that are in my attic collecting dust right now, and nothing comes close to Bill’s material and it’s simplicity.
    Thanks, Harold Williams

    $40,000 value! Pro trades 1,000 contracts pro day …

    I do not normally do this and never have before, but I would like to say the information you have made available I have found far more valuable than the previous $40,000 dollars I have spent on systems, seminars, black boxes, subscriptions and the like. We cannot create experience and knowledge that is time gained, (without spending the time and money re-inventing the wheel or ploughing old ground) and I guess all would-be traders go through this “seek and find” learning curve if we are serious about seeking and finding something that works for us.

    I wish I had had the opportunity to become acquainted with your work three years ago, as it sure would have saved me a lot of expenditure and made me some money along the way.  Truly refreshing to see the end result of someone else’s hard work for such a nominal fee, upon which I can put no value. Not a black box, not a solution, just a high probability trading entry system, (and exit system, which is just as important, if not more so). I thank you also for your personal communications and responses to my queries.

    Regards, Les Whitford,
    Professional Trader
    Surfers Paradise, Australia

    Account increases 75% in one week …


    Hope you are doing well. In my last email I had said, “I’m happy to say, I’m up 115 points in 3 weeks.”  Further to that, my account is up 75% in just over one month, as of today. Guess who I have to thank for that? YOU!


    Sandy Kushawa

    Successful stock trader switches to the E-Mini …

    Many months ago, my good friend and trading partner, Ed, sent me something to check out. He’s always finding new systems and asking me to evaluate them. Well, it was your course, Futures Trading Secrets guide, which I was asked to examine.

    At the time, I was a successful stock trader that had wiped out by switching to E-Mini futures before doing my homework. So you can bet I was a skeptic at the time, and I happened to be in the middle of a quest to figure out what I had done wrong. You should know, I was up to my elbows in books by the greats, learning as much as I could about futures, trading system development, money management, and the psychology of success.

    So, I was pleasantly surprised to your Futures Trading Secrets mirror and echo much of what the greats had written in their books. Bill, you focus on the truly critical stuff like trader psychology and money management, rather than what most other system sellers tout “foolproof,” “high-probability,” entries and exits.

    If there’s anything I’ve learned from my years of stock and futures trading, it’s that NOTHING is foolproof and that “high-probability” trades will still wipe out your account if you don’t address the more-important issues of risk management, money management, and psychology. Kudos to you there, my friend.

    These other programs are like teaching a person how to drive a car without mentioning how and when to use the brake. They’re all sunshine and rainbows. “Make $1 million sitting on your butt doing nothing! Guaranteed!” Yeah, right.

    Bill, what I like about your training is that it covers it all and is by far the most HONEST training program I’ve seen so far. You tell about the pitfalls that traders face every day, and how to see and avoid them. Plus, you include all the code and templates you use yourself along with training videos so that folks can get started learning your techniques right away. Astounding.

    Best yet, your telephone support is REAL. Unlike other trainers who are generally too busy peddling their wares or trading their own accounts to be bothered supporting their students, Bill, you back your training with several FREE hour-long phone calls. I called him after trading hours to help me deal with the unexpected pressure of trading someone else’s money … Bill, you told me that I was over-trading (because I was trying to grow my friend’s money too fast) and helped me get back in tune with the market. You took whatever time it took to answer my questions to my satisfaction and showed me your own play-by-plays over the web, helping me dissect my own mistakes during the same trading session. I am eternally grateful.

    This is a terrific program, but don’t take my word for it … check it out yourself!

    Dennis C., Seal Beach, CA
    Former Traders International Student

    $4,200 in 4 days with 4 winners and 1 loser …

    Hello Bill,

    I wanted to drop an email to not only let you know how I’m doing but also thank you for a great course at a fraction of the cost I’ve wasted on other systems that don’t work.

    If you remember me I was the trader who postponed all trading until I found a system that I trusted and had confidence in to pull the trigger. Those 2 areas were costing me a lot of money. After going completely through your course twice I simulated my trading for 2 weeks in which time I not only learned the signals but also the all important discipline to wait – wait – and wait some more for the signals.

    I resumed trading with my live account last Thursday. I did not trade one day on Columbus Day. In either event in those 4 days I’ve traded live I have placed only 5 trades (discipline) 4 winners and 1 loser that comes out to 80% if my math is correct, and the 1 loser was caused by a triple divergence probably due to stop running by we all know who. In the 4 winners I have netted a trading profit of $4,200, this may seem like chicken feed to a long time trader but let me tell you I have never had that success on the short term or the incredible level of confidence and discipline that your course has taught me.

    Thanks again for the wonderful course and if I have any questions or hick ups in my trading I will certainly ask for your help/advice.

    Good trading,

    Charles Booth

    75% accuracy because of your videos …

    I used to look for rules that worked all the time and only had to do with price and volume. But after watching you make calls in the practice videos (which, by the way, is the most honest no bullshit I have seen a trading teacher do and it was refreshing) it became clear to me that there is a lot more to trading then just the chart signals.

    I am hitting a very high accuracy (75% +),but now I need to work on increasing risk to reward a little bit better.

    Greg Schulte

    Course worth many times the price, Bill …

    Well, another great day with multiple Slings and Ka Chings. Trading Continues To Be Profitable With Clear Signals On Many Time Frames.

    It’s been about six months since I purchased your system, and my trading continues to improve. As I’ve told you in the past, the system is outstanding, worth many times the purchase price.

    Chris Bruno

    Great E-Mini Russell trade …

    Hey Bill,

    Just wanted to share with you an awesome trade I took. I sold a E-mini Russell at 860.50. I exited at 858.20. There was no buy signal I just wanted to have a decent success trade! As you know the Russell finished down to 854.90, one minute before the close on 7-17 and then sold off again this morning. I left $330 on the table on 7-17, but what the heck….there’s always another trading day! ??

    Thanks again for all your genuine support, detailed manual and videos!


    John Newman

    15 Years as Professional Trader – I Got An Education!

    I have received the coursework for Futures Trading Secrets and I am getting one hell of an education!  I have been in the brokerage industry for 15 years (12 years as an institutional and retail bond trader) and have several certifications, including a Series 3 exam.  Hedging cash positions with futures and calls on futures is part of my daily life.

    I thought that I had the knowledge to jump into futures trading, until I received your program.  I appreciate the fact that, so far, the system work does not approach the subject with kid gloves, but in a “matter of fact” approach.  I also deeply appreciate the spiritual approach that you relate to trading.  The music, the breathing, the mental prep, the mental cleansing … all part of my best days, and fairly unorthodox on a major wire house desk.


    Tom Meads
    Edwardsville, IL

    15 months of profits … Thank you, Bill!


    How have you been? Just wanted to let you know that I found my niche in trading. I knew I wanted to trade, but was unsure what. The E-Mini course I took from you was invaluable in my learning (the hard way, because I didn’t immediately take your advice) about trading discipline.

    I’ve been trading pork bellies and live cattle and have increased my original account value by 50%, by making only four trades during a four month period. Three of the four were profitable, especially a belly trade (long) that I’ve been in for the past 2-3 weeks.

    Your money management principles are very good and I’ve taken money management to heart (i.e. cut losses and let profits run). Thanks for all of your help over the past 15 months. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Jeff B.
    Kingwood, TX

    Professional course developer and trader uses FTS …

    Thanks Bill,

    I’ve been trading in the markets since 1999, and in that time, I’ve sold systems for upwards of $6,000 on this very topic. Bill, I have to commend you on your work, very nice job! Your training material gave me another way of looking at the markets, and I like it. Even though there are many points in the market everyday; 2 points a day (as you recommend) can help anyone make a very good living.

    Thanks for your hard work, I’ll keep you posted,

    Scott W.

    This is a statistically proven winning method …

    I am writing to thank you for all the work that you put into this system. The work you’ve done in honing a statistically probable winning method is one great accomplishment. The work accomplished with the nuts and bolts of the software and indicators is another. Along with your accomplishments you display a humility and harmony with the market that keeps you conservative in the face of “what the market gives, the market can take away… and more!” you have obviously been around this block a time or two.

    Geo Schiffer

    75% winning trades with a 4.7 $won/$lost ratio …

    I’ve finally gotten going with the Futures Trading Secrets trading system. I’m using your parameters for trading entry/exit (pg 96) and have listened to the training tapes many times.

    I’m trading the E-Mini SP – 1 contract at a time.  I particularly like the Dual Indicator. I’m Averaging 75% Winning Trades With A 4.7 Ratio Of $Won/$Lost. 

    Roger Kennedy

    5 points per contract & 100% return in 1 day … WOW!

    Good Morning, Bill!

    My goodness…this IS the real deal. I’ve Sim-traded for three days (quitting early yesterday and missed out on the big move of the day), but I can see how your charts work and can truly say that YOU’ve got the real deal here!   I may have a few questions, but at this point, I don’t know enough to know what they are. Just trading the obvious signals and missing the more subtle ones, your program has made me 5 points per contract this morning and kept me out of a couple of losers that I’d have otherwise put on. Thank you for your help!

    Chuck Stocks

    More value than other courses worth $5,000 or more …

    I just wanted to tell you that I am having great success with your signals. I am getting more and more confident every day taking the signals every day. Trading is starting to be fun instead of a stressful ordeal.

    I am following the 2 point a day business plan so I was done early today. It is really hard not to trade more because the indicators make it easy to see what could happen next. It is really more than the indicators, it is the complete FTS approach, the time of day, the use of the support and resistance, the indicator setups, the complete approach to trading.

    I really want to express what a value your Futures Trading Secrets System is. I am a former Traders International student, I paid $5,000 for that system, and although it may work for some I find much more value in your system.

    I still have a long way to grow, I have to work on my trading plan and my trading log, and execution as well as exits, but I have a peace and confidence when I sit at my desk that I have never had before, and I have only had the system a couple of weeks. Thanks again.

    Duane Melton

    $4,000 to $5,000 per day …

    Dear Bill,

    Now that I’ve used the course for several months, I thought I’d let you know thatI’m Averaging $4000 – $5000 Per Day Trading Mostly The T-Bonds And Beans.Thanks for such a great system.


    Made my money back (for the course) in one day …


    I just wanted to write about an interesting trading day I experienced last Thursday. Well, I started out with a couple of rules: (#1) Trade only one contract, and (#2) use Futures Traders rules of engagement only and no other fancy price scalping or anything.

    Well, Thursday afternoon after tallying up my score, the final outcome was one loser for $39 which was an operator error, as I hit the wrong button and reversed, but didn’t mean to and had to hit the buy button again and ended the whole thing with several profits that amounted to around $840. I may of cheated a little bit, as I did allow one of the trades to draw down to around two points, but the reasoning was I was too early and there was nothing wrong with the trade.

    Yes, it can be done. Trading only one contract and using the Ensign charts, Futures Trading Ergodic template, and no news or any other type of help, insight or crystal balls. I can’t stress enough the importance of practicing, as you say to do. I trade with real money, but I still go back to the SimBroker and use it.

    Thanks, Bill!

    Patrick Stewart

    Four years of study and FTS is the best …

    I just received your course and want to let you know that it’s GREAT. I have been educating myself on the subject of trading for the last four years by reading many books and other info on this subject and must say your course is definitely the best. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR AND I CAN NOT BELIEVE I FINALLY FOUND IT. It also fits my trading style perfectly. Thanks again for a great course.

    With best regards,

    Stanley G.

    Profits from Down Under …

    G’day and greetings, Bill …

    I’ve been going through your Futures Trading Secrets training material and I must say that it is one of the most unique training materials on the topic of trading I’ve ever seen. Well done, well presented and oohhh – that “running lecture” that comes with a revved up chart is simply awesome.

    Paul Paterno,


    Testimonials mentioned on are the direct result of an individual’s experience. No two trades are the same. Trades mentioned (or results therefrom) were made at the time and with the individual making them. They may no longer be trading nor experiencing the same success level at a later time. Testimonials are believed to be true based on the representations of the persons providing the testimonials, but facts stated in the testimonials have not been independently audited or verified. Nor has there been any attempt to compare the experiences’s of the persons giving the testimonials after the testimonials were given. The average reader should not necessarily expect the same or similar results because testimonials are not indicative of future performance or results.




    Bill’s Futures Trading Course or Coaching + The Course

    Choose Between Bill’s COURSE or COACHING + THE COURSE




    Questions most people have before buying Bill’s course/coaching …

    Bill’s Futures Trading Secrets online course is for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level traders and those who aspire to trade and make money trading. If you are just starting, we recommend you purchase and study Trading For A Living by Dr. Alexander Elder, and Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas first. Also, you can see what Bill’s students say about his Futures Trading Secrets course before making your purchase.

    Q: Will these rules work in all markets and all time frames?

    The markets are basically fractal in nature. This means that the patterns repeat on all time frames as do the indicator signals. While some markets are more volatile and others are sleepy and trending, you can use our signals for day trading as well as for swing trading. We do not trade stocks any more due to our desire for better tax breaks and more leverage, not to mention the up tick rule. We do have students using our approach on index futures, stocks, options, ETFs, QQQs and spyders.

    Q: What is special about your course?

    Three things that are not found in other courses:

    1. Mental Tips on “How to Pull the Trigger”, overcome negative action patterns and how to anchor proper trading behaviors before you trade with real money.

    2. Money Management Rules on how to maximize profits and minimize risks on each and every trade. You know the potential risks and rewards before you trade.

    3. Twenty market time hours of complete annotated videos of real markets as they develop. Trade signals are clearly called out with ALL the indicators we use.

    Q: How many trades per day will the approach yield?

    You should expect an average of two to four trades a day. There is always at least one great trade setup a day. There are many profitable trading opportunities a day in the S&P market, as many as forty points per day available if you wish to trade everything. Only a few days (day long trends) will be difficult and we tell you how to spot them and avoid them. See our track record.  We did a study of how long normal trends last (5.5 points) in today’s (2016 volatile market) we are seeing many 71 – 11 point runs.

    Q: What type of market works best with your methodology?

    The trading strategies are designed for both trending markets and non-trending markets. You can trade in all market conditions. We tell you how to identify and trade trending markets, how to identify the end of a trend and how to trade a trading range market. You will use the same indicators but look for different patterns in those indicators. We have students who trade the DAX, all eMini markets, FOREX and the Chinese Hang Seng Index.

    Q: Do you provide a Guarantee?

    Yes and No!

    Yes: We guarantee that you will have all the tools necessary to become a successful trader and that you can contact us at any time for clarification or assistance with any part of the course. We provide periodic new trading videos, webinars and online counseling as well.

    No: We provide no refunds without proof you actually used all the resources provided and practiced on a SimBroker at the very least. So we will just be honest with YOU. This is a risky business and you need to understand there are no guarantees and that success is up to YOU. Trading is part science and part art. See our full guarantee policy.

    Q: I am considering other courses. How do I choose the right one for me?

    Yes. The goal of the FTS course is simplify your trading into a few specific rules that give you high probability trading opportunities. Most who study get rolling in just a few short weeks.

    The FTS course gives you a complete trading plan including entry and exit criteria. It also includes a complete set of money management rules and psychological guidelines for trading successfully.

    Q: I’m not ready to start trading just yet, should I go ahead and purchase your course if I’m not quite ready to start trading?

    Of course, it’s never too early to start studying and preparing yourself for that one day you are finally ready to start trading. You can never study and prepare enough – the more you study and prepare – the better you will do when you actually start trading. Even if YOU’re not ready to start trading now.

    I would not suggest SimBroker trading real-time while you thoroughly study and learn my course. Ask youtself this question: Does a surgeon operate first or study and learn the procedures first? Of course the answer is they study and prepare long before they start operating. Why should trading be any different? My course will not only prepare you to start trading, but it will teach you the procedures to trade profitably.

    Q: Where can I learn about futures or commodity trading?

    YOU should look at both the links to Future Trading Risks and review the NFA file on our site. For an excellent summary of technical analysis you may want to purchase “Trading for a Living” and the companion workbook. This is where we started many years ago and it is still appropriate to review today. Because there are so many books on trading you can really get lost. Review our learning experience to see our path. None of these books will give you the signals or trading methods we use, however.

    Q: I have Trade Station, Ninja, or another charting program. Will your system work on my program?

    Yes, and No. We no longer support Trade Station. We cannot support Ninja because its charting program will not support our indicators. We use and recommend Ensign because of its very robust SimBroker feature. You can get a two week free trial to test the feature.

    Q: Is this theory or practical knowledge?

    This course is based on repetitive patterns that occur in all markets. We explain the theory but show you how the theory can be profitably executed from our personal trading experience. We trade this systematic approach ourselves. Nothing is held back.

    Q: If this trading method is so good, why are you selling it and giving away your secrets?

    The course was developed when we needed to put our trading principles into a personal Trading Plan. Everything necessary to set up a complete trading business is included. We make it available at a reasonable cost for those who want to save time and money to develop a potentially profitable trading business with a minimum investment of time and money. We also try to put to rest all the “oobliah” hawked on the Internet about making big bucks trading with no effort. This takes work!

    Q: What charting program and data feed do you use?

    It makes a difference which data and charting program you use. We use tick charts rather than time charts so it is very important that the data be correct. We’ve tried many data feeds over the years and settled on DTN IQ feed because their data comes directly from the market; not so with many others. DTN IQ has been voted best data by traders for over 12 years. You may also use Trader Bytes.

    We also recommend Ensign Software as an add-on to Trader Bytes. Many reasons again: here are few:

    Ensign was designed by guys who have been trading for over 40 years.

    YOU get free updates at least twice a month so you get all the latest stuff

    It does tick charts better than anybody including eSignal.

    It has a Demo feature that allows you to download actual market data from the past three months, then replay it at 2-10x speed to practice trading.

    We give you our templates and workspaces so you can traded exactly the way we do.

    It also has a built in SimBroker that dings you 1/4 point on market orders, allows bracket trading and you can use against both the Demo data and the actual market.

    It has one special indicator that we use called Pesavento Patterns that is a great early warning signal for exits and market turns. It is a combo Fib, Pivot Points, and Support and Resistance all rolled into one that is dynamite.

    Because we recommend you practice until you get to 70% hit rate with at least a 2/1 win loss ratio, this has help all of our students do much better in the market.

    One thing, Ensign allows you to use several data feeds, so you do have a choice if you need to use a satellite. My choice is always for the best tools if you are going to trade with your money at 100 to 1 leverage.

    Q: How long does it take to learn?

    That depends on YOU. We give you all the settings and signals, even our templates for Ensign. We suggest you practice trading with a SimBroker until you reach at least a 60 – 70% confidence level. That can take a few weeks to a month. Refer to our examples on the Money Management page.

    Q: How many monitors do I need?

    The system is designed to be used even on a laptop. Optimal use is with two (2) monitors; one for charting and one for order execution and news.

    Q: Will I be able to trade using the FTS course?

    Yes. The goal of the FTS course is simplify your trading into a few specific rules that give you high probability trading opportunities. In fifteen years most who study get rolling in just a few short weeks [ep[;e

    The FTS course gives you a complete trading plan including entry and exit criteria. It also includes a complete set of money management rules and psychological guidelines for trading successfully.

    Q: How much technical analysis is used in your course?

    We explain everything is simple English. While technical analysis is the basis of our trading signals, the rules are simple, and for those who want explanations, we provide them. The best analogy is that you do not need to know how to build or fix your car in order to drive it. Our teaching method is one of learning to recognize the signals on the videos and how to apply them in trading. There are over Twenty (20) hours of market time training in the FTS course. You can play them as often as you like.

    Q: Can a Beginner use this course?

    Yes. We provide all the necessary tools to trade successfully. We also provide references and tools for those who want to do additional study. We offer help to those who have already been trading, but not too successfully. Bad habits and trying to trade every single bar are the greatest reasons for failure. Our approach is one of discipline and patience. Instead of literally hundreds of setups, we focus on only two chart formations that have an 80% probability of success.

    Q: What size trading account do I need?

    We learned a great deal from a few traders and not much from a lot of others. We did figure this out ourselves and currently trade several accounts both small ($5K) and larger ($100K+ ) that proves it will work for all trading account sizes. We set our stops at 2.0 -1.5 points and our goal is 3.5 – 5 points per trade. With even a 40% correct rate, you can make money with this approach if you trade it consistently.




    There are no guarantees in life or in trading …

    THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IN LIFE and there are no guaranteed profits with this or any other program.

    GUARANTEED PROFITS DO NOT EXIST. No matter what other marketing literature tells you. Anyone who says futures trading takes a few minutes a day to learn is either lying to you or selling you snake oil. Learning to be consistently profitable will take time, study and practice. It is a learned skill just like swimming, web design, speaking, skiing or golf.

    Always remember three things:

    • An Infallible System Would Sell For Millions Of Dollars.
    • The Market Can Be Beaten For Short Periods Of Time.
    • Learning To Be Consistently Profitable Will Take Time, Study And Practice.


    That we will work with you until you understand our system. Any questions? We will work with you every step of the way to your trading success. You must call us or we cannot help you.  DO NOT TRY TO FIGURE OUT PROBLEMS BY yourself.

    99% of your questions are already answered in the course. Trading is a skill that you must learn through practice. The videos show you what we learned over the years.

    You can email charts, logs or any questions at any time and we will answer them promptly. We also can share our desktop over theInternet so you can see our setups and ask questions directly from our charts.

    We have a “30 Day personal support policy”. We will get online and share our screens to make sure you understand the program. There is no money back guarantee because we cannot be assured that you have not kept copies and templates and workspaces on your computers. There is no guarantee on personal coaching, because it involves a great deal of our time when assisting you.

    There are NO Money Back Guarantees, especially on Coaching.

    If you’re just curious and like to buy systems and return them, don’t bother to order this course. You know the market will not give you a refund. Be serious about your trading. Treat it like a business and follow directions. It takes work, study, practice plus discipline to manage your trades.

    99% of our clients have kept the system, improved their trading, and been entirely satisfied that this is one of the most comprehensive and complete systems on the market.

    “Hi Bill, I have never traded so much with some days winning 100%. That is true. I have even gone a week at a time with 100% winning trades and no losers. Not a boast, but a testament to your system. I think now about what helped me the most. I always come up with the same thing. The practicing and the video’s. How the price bars are reacting, the speed or momentum, the time of day, and the basics of how this process happens over and over again!” — Pat Stuart


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