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A Message from
Bill McCready

futures trading system
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Can YOU really make money trading Futures or Forex every day? The answer is YES if YOU can follow just three simple rules ....It is as simple as 1-2-3 Go!

Futures Insider Shares Day Trading Secrets!

Trading commodity futures is the absolute Perfect Business if YOU know how to trade successfully. We teach YOU how to make money trading by spotting low risk, high probability trades.

The Futures Trading Secrets Study Course, is a series of video tutorials online at the Futures Trading Room, that show YOU everything YOU need to know to trade with actual trade signals explained in real time and with signal-by-signal analysis!

Check our Trade signals given by our trading system for 25.00 points in three trades. If YOU're wondering if it's really possible to learn how to take high probability trades on a consistent basis since 2001. The answer is YES! See what our students say.

With the Futures Trading Secrets Course, YOU will master the success factors that can make YOU a winner in the market. Both beginners and experienced traders can make money with these techniques. See why we trade the eMini.

See why YOU only need to make a net 2 points per day on the eMini Check out this Futures Trading Business Plan.

Now YOU Can Learn to Day Trading only 90 Minutes a Day. No need to watch the market all day. YOU can walk by any chart any time and KNOW whether to be long, short or out of any market. Instantly!

"8 Straight Winning Days for total profit of $11,436 and $19k since going live...... "

Bill First, I want to thank YOU for taking my trading to the next level. I had 8 straight winning days for a total profit of $11,436. YOUR indicators are incredible. I'm up $19k since going live with FTS. I scalp ER2 and try to stay in the ES for longer periods throughout the day. Done today at +$787.50 (May 29, 2007) Still going strong! +$785 before 9:30am.(June 5, 2009)
Thanks, Armando Pena

Futures Trading Methods

  • How to trade index futures contracts (e-Mini S&P, e-Mini Russell and e-Mini NASDAQ) with low risk strategies. This futures trading system also works on the DOW, DAX, Euro, Hang Seng, Nikkei and Bonds. It is a VERY Simple Futures Trading System to use

  • How to spot and trade high profit chart patterns.

  • How to find high probability Counter Trend trade setups using only two technical indicators.

  • Key time reversals during the day for the S&P's, and how to trade at these times.

  • Patterns in the first hour that will specifically show YOU whether or not the market will trend for the entire day or not!

  • How to set Support and Resistance targets for the day.

  • Charts illustrating each type of high probability trade entries and exits.

  • How to interpret Price Action and predict the next bar.

  • How to calculate tomorrow's Highs and Lows in any market.

  • How to trade opening gaps and the "End of Day" setups.

  • A simple technique for the first hour of trading to make 2 to 4 points in the first hour on the e-Mini S&P market.

  • How to correctly use Fibonacci Retracements and confluence from other time frames for reentering trending markets.

  • The best way to trade a consolidation and a trading range market.

  • We offer a complete Private Coaching program with this course.

"$5,600 in Two Days: Averages $1200-$1500 per day"

Bill, Nice setups. I cleared $3K today after commissions, and $2.6k yesterday... : ). I am doing extremely well with YOUR system. My average profit is $1200-1500 and my best trade to date is $5,075 with 8 contracts traded three times for the day. Had YOU sold YOUR system for $4,995 this would still have been a bargain for me.

I think YOUR program is the absolute best on the market, I should know because I have purchased so many systems and books over the years. I promise YOU won't be disappointed in Bill's system. I've spent a lot of money on systems and books that are in my attic collecting dust right now, and nothing comes close to Bill's material and it's simplicity.
Thanks, Harold Williams

From: Bill McCready

This web site is about YOUR journey to develop a futures trading Course that will work consistently and profitably for the average eMini, Index and Forex Day and Swing Trader.

Worried about the economy, interest rates,
inflation, security, world events?
YOU should be!
Check this out if YOU need a real reason trade

Take This Short Quiz and Ask Yourself

 Have YOU have ever taken exactly the right trade at the wrong time, taken a loss, then watched the market turn in YOUR favor for a big winner?

 Do YOU jump the gun? Get in too early, then exit too early? Or do YOU hesitate too long?

Do YOU over-trade to make up for losses?

Do YOU mistrust YOUR signals? Do YOU even understand what YOUR indicators are telling YOU?

Has YOUR partner told YOU to either make money or quit trading and get a job?

Would YOU like a Simple 1-2-3 Trading system that would allow YOU to walk by any trading chart and instantly know whether to be long, short or out.

What if YOU could "Turn YOUR Trading Account into an Unlimited Source of Cash?" in just 90 minutes of trading a day?

If YOU answered YES to ANY of these questions, then YOUR trading methods need an immediate overhaul unless YOU want to become one of the 90% of traders who are not losers!

Don't worry, it is not YOUR fault! No one taught YOU the real principals and techniques of success. YOU must get my Free eBook "The Truth About Day Trading".  It answers many questions and blows a lot the "conventional wisdom" out of the water. You get this free if you signup for our newsletter.

As I said, I was "Searching for the Holy Grail of Trading" just like everyone else! Guess what? There is no Secret Signal (but we have found a combination of indicators that work really, really well)! YOU must use probabilities of potential directional changes based on a combination of signals and.......

The real secret is believing in YOUR approach and having patience and discipline to follow it! That is why 87% of the people who buy our system have dramatic increases in profitability with the Futures Trading Secrets Method (the other 13% haven't opened the CDs yet).

I've Invested the Time, Done the Research and Spent the Money so

My name is Bill McCready and I was the typical loser in the stocks and commodities trading game. Until I started to trade, my life was one success after another. I thought trading would be easy! I asked myself, if I am such a smart guy, why was I still not a successful trader. I realized it was because I did have a full understanding of what made up a complete Futures Trading System.

I did invest over $30,000 buying systems, books and tapes, going to seminars and putting on losing trades. I bought a lot of "CRAPPOLA" from internet marketers who were not traders. I was on the classic "Search for the Holy Grail" of trading. The more I read, the more confused I got.

I was fed up and almost quit. It was only after I sat down and looked over FOUR YEARS of charts and notes reviewing every trade and every setup I had ever used that I made this amazing discovery. Trading could be very simple if YOU just applied a few simple, logical rules.

Chart settings are only about 10% of the trading business, but I estimate that I tested over 200,000 different settings to find just the right mix for two setups. That's right, YOU only need to learn two setups. What could be easier and faster?

I made most of the following mistakes. I did learn two things about myself. I was negatively biased. Meaning I did not believe the trend would continue and second I did not believe in my approach, so I was constantly trying to jump the gun. See if any of the following happen to YOU.

I've Invested the Time, Done the Research and Spent the Money so

If YOU don't know my background, I was a Fast Attack Nuclear Submarine Officer, built and managed the world's largest astronomical observatory in Hawaii, developed a $500 million sales organization, started and ran my own Venture Capital Fund, and owned 11 businesses before I got into trading.

For the last 12 years I have been devoted to trading, and it has become my passion. YOU can make a month's income in a few hours a day trading Futures with no employees, virtually no overhead, great tax advantages and work from a laptop anywhere in the world.

I have degrees in Mathematics, Physics and Nuclear Engineering so I knew I could figure out a profitable system. So I set up my design criteria and started my research.

To start, I threw out everything that didn't work by testing over 200,000 different settings on all kinds of indicators to get a simple. duplicatable system that worked at least 80% of the time. The result was the Futures Trading System.

Several Important Design Principles Were Followed

  • The Futures Trading System had to work under all market conditions.

  • The Futures Trading System had to tell YOU when not to trade

  • The Futures Trading System had to give very reliable 80% signals

  • The Futures Trading System had to give YOU targets and exits in order to maximize profits. 

  • Finally, the Futures Trading System had to have a conservative money management system.

Why did I need these design elements? Because I was designing the futures trading system for my own success.

I also discovered that there were three even more important inter-related parts to a successful trading system. YOU needed the Mental Toughness to control YOUR emotions while trading,

"$40,000 Value! Pro Trades 1000 contracts/day"

I do not normally do this and never have before, but I would like to say the information YOU have made available I have found far more valuable than the previous $40,000 dollars I have spent on systems, seminars, black boxes, subscriptions and the like. We cannot create experience and knowledge that is time gained, (without spending the time and money re-inventing the wheel or ploughing old ground) and I guess all would-be traders go through this "seek and find" learning curve if we are serious about seeking and finding something that works for us. 

I wish I had had the opportunity to become acquainted with YOUR work three years ago, as it sure would have saved me a lot of expenditure and made me some money along the way.  Truly refreshing to see the end result of someone else's hard work for such a nominal fee, upon which I can put no value. Not a black box, not a solution, just a high probability trading entry system, (and exit system, which is just as important, if not more so). I thank YOU also for YOUR personal communications and responses to my queries.

Regards, Les Whitford, Professional Trader Surfers Paradise, Australia

The 1-2-3 Go Formula for Trading Success

If YOU are losing money or not making as much as YOU could by not having the Futures Trading Secrets System.

We have purchased systems and seminars varying in price from $97 to $9,997.  While we learned little pieces of the puzzle, nothing was complete or it was too complicated.  YOU get access to all our research and testing, free upgrades and free telephone support all for one low price.

Trading is risky because the future is always unknown. No one can predict the future and no system can do it either. When YOU get in any trade there is at least a 50-50 chance it will go against YOU. YOU need to put the odds in YOUR favor by using our 1-2-3-Go Formula. We advocate using three signals for a high probability trade setup.

  • Signal 1: An early warning exit signal that tells YOU to wake up and pay attention

  • Signal 2: A high probability signal that is NON LAGGING (we can prove it) and

  • Signal 3: A confirmation signal that is delayed to keep YOU from being whipsawed.

When YOU get all three signals, YOUR odds of a profitable trade can be as much as 80% in YOUR favor. YOU must always protect YOURself with stops, and have targeted exit(s) and correct position size for proper money management. This is the basis for our Futures Trading Secrets System.

"More Value than other $5,000 Course"

I just wanted to tell YOU that I am having great success with YOUR signals. I am getting more and more confident every day taking the signals every day. Trading is starting to be fun instead of a stressful ordeal.

I am following the 2 point a day business plan so I was done early today. It is really hard not to trade more because the indicators make it easy to see what could happen next. It is really more than the indicators, it is the complete FTS approach, the time of day, the use of the support and resistance, the indicator setups, the complete approach to trading.

I really want to express what a value YOUR Futures Trading Secrets System is. I am a former Traders International student, I paid $5,000 for that system, and although it may work for some I find much more value in YOUR system.

I still have a long way to grow, I have to work on my trading plan and my trading log, and execution as well as exits, but I have a peace and confidence when I sit at my desk that I have never had before, and I have only had the system a couple of weeks. Thanks again.

Duane Melton


"75% Winning Trades with
a 4.7 $Won/$Lost Ratio"

I've finally gotten going with the Futures Trading Secrets trading system. I'm  using YOUR parameters for trading entry/exit (pg 96) and have listened to the training tapes many times.  

I'm trading the Emini SP - 1 contract at a time.  I particularly like the Dual Indicator.  I'm averaging 75% winning trades with a 4.7 ratio of $Won/$Lost. 

Roger Kennedy

Three Elements of the
Futures Trading System

Simply, every section in the Futures Trading Secrets System is there because "YOU asked for it". Well, not "YOU" really. But from real live questions. Questions from people who love Day Trading the Index Futures, FOREX and Bonds. A simple web page was set up, and people like YOU visited it and left me their most pressing questions on Day Trading the eMini Index Futures, FOREX and Bonds.

YOU get answers to all of the most important questions here. The biggest problem we found was the "Larry Williams Fantasy" of making $1,000,000 from a very small account. That is pure fantasy. Is it possible, yes, but only for the most skilled, talented and lucky traders. According to others he had a $2.25 million loss on his last trade., leaving him with the $1.5 million win.

Check Out a Conservative Trading Plan Here

Massive leverage is the lure, but remember that leverage works both for and against YOU. This is a skill YOU learn. It is not rocket science but it is difficult because human emotion is involved.

With the Futures Trading Secrets System, YOU will learn the tools necessary to master the success factors that can make YOU a winner in the market. Both beginners and experienced traders can make money with these techniques and the conservative trading plan outlined previously.

"This is a Statistically Proven Winning Method"

I am writing to thank YOU for all the work that YOU put into this system. The work YOU've done in honing a statistically probable winning method is one great accomplishment. The work accomplished with the nuts and bolts of the software and indicators is another. Along with YOUR accomplishments YOU display a humility and harmony with the market that keeps YOU conservative in the face of "what the market gives, the market can take away... and more!" YOU have obviously been around this block a time or two.
Geo Schiffer

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Futures trading success

Trading Methods and Indicators

After YOU study the system and practice with the SimBroker on past market days, as well as in real time, on the current market and achieve a 70% success rate, YOU will be ready to use YOUR own capital and begin reeling in those profits for YOURself. Here are just a few of the key elements of the Futures Trading Secrets System.

YOUR approach is to use a combination of indicators to focus in on a high probability scenario. Think of it like a picture frame with four corners. The time frame determines YOUR risk factor.

  1. In one corner is the overall direction of the market (EMAs).

  2. In another corner are the market turning points which are a combination of Support and Resistance, Fibonacci and Pivot Points (these work because people think they work).

  3. In the third corner is something we call the "Logic of the Market" which says that if the market is going to make a new high, it will test a low first.

  4. And finally, YOU have indicators that smooth the price and are used to show the underlying strength or weakness of the current price action. The problem is that most indicators are lagging. We introduce YOU to the NON-LAGGING iNDICATOR. When used with three other trading indicators, this signal gives YOU a perfect timing signal.

I call it the 1-2-3-Go approach. It has YOU wait for an early signal, a timing signal and a confirmation signal before YOU have a high probability setup. Great Trading Signals will definitely increase YOUR odds of success.

Have YOU been looking for a system that will give YOU
these special set ups?

  • How to trade index futures contracts (ES, AB, YM, E6 and NQ) with low risk strategies..

  •   How to spot and trade high profit chart patterns...page 59

  •  How to find high probability Counter Trend trade setups ...pages 128-135

  •  Key time reversals during the day for the S&P's, and how to trade them...page 108

  •  Patterns in the first hour that will show YOU market trend potential.... page 107 

  • How to set Support and Resistance targets for each trade...page 73

  •  Learn from over 69 charts illustrating each type of high probability entry and exit.

  •  How to interpret Price Action and predict the next bar...page 56

  •  How to calculate tomorrow's Highs and Lows in any market.

  •  How to trade opening gaps and the "End of Day" setups using the Globex.

  •  A simple technique for the first hour of trading to make 2 to 4 points...page 107

  •  How to correctly use Fibonacci Retracements (with our special settings)...page 71

  •  The best way to trade a consolidation and a trading range market.

  •  When NOT TO TRADE! ..... page 81

"Saved Me Four Years"

I just received YOUR system and want to let YOU know that it's GREAT. I have been educating myself on the subject of trading for the last four years by reading many books and other info on this subject and must say YOUR system is definitely the best. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR AND I CAN NOT BELIEVE I FINALLY FOUND IT. It also fits my trading style perfectly. Thanks again for a great system.
With best regards, Stanley Gabrel, Arlington Hts., IL


"Course Worth Many Times The Price"

Well, another great day with multiple Slings and Ka Chings. Trading continues to be profitable with clear signals on many time frames.

It's been about six months since I purchased YOUR system, and my trading continues to improve. As I've told YOU in the past, the system is outstanding, worth many times the purchase price.

Chris Bruno

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Money Management

Technically, YOU could make money with any approach to the market if YOU had good money management. If YOU limit YOUR risk to 1-2 points on every trade and take initial profits at 3-4 points with a system that is correct only 50% of the time, YOU will make money. YOU can even show that with a winning percentage below 80%, as long as YOUR expectancy ratio of wins to losses is large enough.

Professional Money Managers will tell YOU that 90% of their profits come from Money Management. We know that Money Management is 40% of the overall equation to being a great trader. Here is our approach.

  •  How to develop YOUR personal trading plan for financial freedom...page 31

  •  Money management strategies to assure success even when YOUR win loss ratio is less than 40%!

  •  Step-by-step trading rules with Entry, Stop, Exit and Profit Targets for all trade set ups...page 126

  •  How to minimize risk and maximize reward for each trade ...pages 19-21

  •  YOU can make 15 points out of a 5 point move ...pages 125- 127

  •  How to make big profits even with a low winning percentage (21%) ...

  •  How to exit each trade with the maximum profit...page 23

  •  How to stay in YOUR position for most of the move for more profit

  •  Exit signals for all positions so YOU can maximize profits

"5 Points Per Contract = 100%
Return in 1 Day"

Good Morning Bill...
My goodness...this IS the real deal. I've Sim-traded for three days (quitting early yesterday and missed out on the big move of the day), but I can see how YOUR charts work and can truly say that YOU've got the real deal here!   I may have a few questions, but at this point, I don't know enough to know what they are. Just trading the obvious signals and missing the more subtle ones, YOUR program has made me 5 points per contract this morning and kept me out of a couple of losers that I'd have otherwise put on. Thank YOU for YOUR help!
Chuck Stocks

"$5,600 in Two Days!

Nice setups. I cleared $3K today after commissions, and $2.6k yesterday... :) That is nearly 4 times the cost of YOUR course.
Harold Williams

Get these money management tools and
learn how to double YOUR account every 30days

Mind Control Techniques

YOU cannot predict the future, but YOU can anticipate the market's next move. Traders have shown this to be true forever and the real secret is the market can be beaten over short time periods. Having Patience and Discipline to wait for a loaded trading signal will make YOU Big Trading Profits.

In Jack Schwager's book "Market Wizards", the wizards all stated they used a simple method, learned it and then applied it to their trading. Gerald Appel made a fortune using the MACD, George Lane, did the same with his Stochastic Oscillator.

While we use these common indicators for initial training, the problem is that most indicators are lagging. We introduce YOU to a NON-LAGGING indicator. When used with three other trading indicators, this signal gives YOU a perfect timing signal.

Even if YOU now have the perfect signal, the biggest problem is actually believing and taking a trade in an unknown environment. The mental aspect of trading is over 90% of the game.

Here's how this system helps YOU be a better trader.

  •  How to get YOUR subconscious and conscious minds in synch so YOU can "Pull the Trigger"  when YOU see an entry or an exit signal...page 38

  •  How to spot trading opportunities instantly on any chart and take the signals with      confidence...page 26

  •  Techniques that will help YOU virtually eliminate "fear and greed" from trading...page 42

  •  How to erase past negative images in a few minutes...page 34

  •  How to prepare for YOUR day, what to read, and what not to watch...page 111

  •  How to analyze YOUR day and improve YOUR results for tomorrow...page 110

  • Bonus A scientifically programmed MP3 to put YOUR mind in a calm confident state for trading.

"$4,000 to $5,000 per Day"

Dear Bill,
Now that I've used the course for several months, I thought I'd let YOU know that I'm averaging $4000 - $5000 per day trading mostly the T-bonds and Beans. Thanks for such a great system.


"15 Years as Professional Trader -
He Gets an Education"

I have received the coursework for Futures Trading Secrets and I am getting one hell of an education!  I have been in the brokerage industry for 15 years (12 years as an institutional and retail bond trader) and have several certifications, including a Series 3 exam.  Hedging cash positions with futures and calls on futures is part of my daily life.

I thought that I had the knowledge to jump into futures trading, until I received YOUR program.  I appreciate the fact that, so far, the system work does not approach the subject with kid gloves, but in a "matter of fact" approach.  I also deeply appreciate the spiritual approach that YOU relate to trading.  The music, the breathing, the mental prep, the mental cleansing......  all part of my best days, and fairly unorthodox on a major wire house desk.

Sincerely,  Tom Meads, Ewardsville, Illinois

"75% Accuracy Because of Videos"

I used to look for rules that worked all the time and only had to do with price and volume. But after watching YOU make calls in the practice videos (which, by the way, is the most honest no bullshit I have seen a trading teacher do and it was refreshing) it became clear to me that there is a lot more to trading then just the chart signals.

I am hitting a very high accuracy (75% +), but now I need to work on increasing risk to reward a little bit better. 

Greg Schulte

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What is the Futures
Trading Secrets System?

The Futures Trading Secrets System is complete in and of itself. There is nothing held back. All my latest research and testing is included. Any future updates or improvements are YOURs for the life of the product.

  • The Futures Trading Secrets System is a series of 20+ video tutorials on th FuturesTradingRoom. They show YOU everything YOU need to know to trade with actual trade signals and the signals are explained in real time and with signal-by-signal analysis!

  • YOU receive a 169 page manual with 69 Charts that spell out everything on the mental aspects of trading, money management and the setups we use. But YOU cannot learn how to trade from a manual, any more than YOU can learn to swim from a book.

  • YOU receive 8 videos showing YOU how and why the indicators we picked work to produce High Probability trading signals in real time. We also show YOU other popular trading systems that do not work as well as represented.

  • YOU receive three full day videos, replayed at 10X speed, showing real trading signals generated by the system and traded on screen for a three day period. These signals yielded a $6,500 profit in just 3 days from 4 contracts with an average win/loss percentage of over 80%.

"Account Increases 75% inOne Week"


Hope YOU are doing well. In my last email I had said "..happy to say up 115 points in 3 weeks...". Further to that, my account is up 75% in just over 1month as of today.

Regards, Sandy Kushawa

Check Our Latest Day Trading Record

The Futures Trading Course Includes:

  • 20+ separate videos with Twenty (20) hours of interactive market-time training videos on three CD ROMs to help YOU learn all our signals fast.
    • Our Exclusive Dual-Time Frame Trading System.
    • Real-time videos comparing approaches to trading the eMini, including: Stochastic Indicator Systems,. Fibonacci Cluster Systems including Pivot Points and Support and Resistance Levels
    • We show YOU how and why we picked a unique set of indicators to give YOU up to and 80% accurate signals. We estimate we tested over 200,000 combinations to get these settings.
    • The written portion of the 163 page course includes 69 charts, four Excel tracking and support spreadsheets, and all the trading rules for pinpoint entries and exits.
    • Plus YOU get five charting templates, and two workspaces for Ensign Software so YOU can trade exactly like we do!
    • Not using Ensign? No problem, we give YOU all our settings so YOU can setup some other charting programs. We provide indicators and workspaces for Trade Station,although we highly recommend YOU use Ensign or Trade Station

Plus YOU Get 6 Bonuses!

    This complete training program includes the following not found in other systems:

    1. A complete method for setting up YOUR trading business.
    2. A daily trading plan and pre-market opening checklist.
    3. Daily mental and financial analysis tools to improve YOUR trading including a tracking log and and risk/reward spreadsheet for self analysis of YOUR trading.
    4. A commodities risk and growth calculation spreadsheet to help YOU trade multiple contracts and markets.
    5. A one page entry and exit rules reference summary that is easy to implement.
    6. Invitations to webinars and live trading sessions for those who purchase the course.

    YOUR complete dual time trading system with all our trading signals, is delivered to YOU by Priority or Express Mail (International Express [Fedex] Overseas) and we pay for the shipping worldwide.

What's in the Futures Trading Secrets System

Part 1: BAsic training and chart setup

  • NFA Disclosure Document
  • How to get started with this program
  • The Truth About Day Trading
  • Quick Start Guide to Signals
  • Futures Trading Secrets Course
  • Basic Technical Analysis
  • Download to eSignal Data Feed
  • Download to Ensign Software
  • Auto Installation for Ensign Templates
  • Ensign Training Videos
  • Customizing Ensign

Part 2: video training

  • Using the Triple Stochastic System
  • Using the Dual Ergodic System
  • Using the Pesavento Indicator
  • Using all the Indicators: 1
  • Using all the Indicators: 2
  • How to Trade 4 Patterns
  • How to Trade Triangles and Flat Days
  • Analysis of Two Trading Days
  • Live Trading Day 1
  • Live Trading Day 2
  • Live Trading Day 3
  • Trading Articles
  • 2007 Trading Room Trades
  • 2008 Trading Room Trades
  • 2012 Trade Videos in Trading Room

Part 3:Money and mental management

  • The Blink Trading Techique
  • Winners versus Losers: A Test
  • Randomness and Streaks
  • Trader Taxes: A Summary
  • Currency Crashes
  • A Scientific Meditation MP3
  • How to Pull the Trigger
  • Money Management Video
  • Evaluatiing Trade Risk and Reward
  • Tax Record Excel System
  • Trading Log Analysis System
  • Kelly Money Management Matrix
  • Commodities Calculator

Recorded Webinars

  • Trading Psychology Video -- Dr. Darrel Shaffer, Clinical Psychiatrist discusses how YOUR mental states, affect YOUR trading.

  • Pulling the Trigger Video -- This Webinar shows YOU how to Pull the Trigger without hesitation

  • Psychology of Live Trading versus Sim Trading -- The psychological affects of missing a trade, versus losing or winning on a signal YOU do not take

  • Dual Ergodic Video -- This video shows the details of how to trade the Dual Ergodic Indicator

  • Picking Low Risk Trades Video -- This video shows YOU how to assess risk reward ratios basedon signals from the Futures Trading Secrets Course

  • Money Management Video -- This video shows YOU the complete Money Management System we recommend YOU learn and use.

  • Fibonacci Extension Video -- This video shows YOU how to add Fibonacci Extensions to the Peasaventor Pattern tool to help with target prices.

  • Jesse Livermore Video -- This video shows is the Webinar from 5/3/08 on Jesse Livermore Trading System.

  • Don's Trading Plan and Audio -- This PDF file shows is the Trading Plan discussed in the webinar from 10/15/08.

This is a complete trading business in one course

What's in the "Watch Us Trade Live" videos?

These videos show the implementation of the single indicator trading system and is called live. We picked three days at random to trade with the Simbroker set at 10 times normal speed. Look over out shoulder as we make the calls. Listen to the analysis and learn how YOU can...trade with deadly accuracy with minimum risk.

YOU should thoroughly understand our basic system first before trying the this approach. Our Dual Indicator System is both a momentum indicator and an oscillator. Signals look different and have zero lag.

We give YOU three templates to use with this program. One has the triple stochastic on it so YOU can compare an oscillator signal versus the ergodic indicator signals. As YOU get better, YOU may find that using only the one indicator is the ideal situation for YOU.


Total Value of the Futures Trading Secrets Course and all bonuses is $4,397

"Spent More Than $10,000
on other programs"

Just to drop YOU a few lines to thank YOU for the system. I regret for not having to find YOUR system earlier.

I have spent more than ten thousands dollars on a few other systems before taking up YOUR system. They cost a lot more, and yet one will not be able to take money consistently from the market.

Now I have dumped them and I am now using YOUR simple tools to consistently draw money from the market (EMini). It is a lovely experience!
Warmest Regards, Tony Liew, Malaysia

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Guaranteed Profits?

There are no guarantees in life and there are no guaranteed profits with this program because.....

Guaranteed profits do not exist. No matter what other marketing literature tells YOU. Anyone who says futures trading takes a few minutes a day to learn is either lying to YOU or selling YOU snake oil. Learning to be consistently profitable will take time, study and practice. It is a learned skill like swimming, tennis, golf or ping pong.

Always remember three things:

  • An infallible system would sell for millions of dollars.

  • The market can be beaten for short periods of time.

  • Learning to be consistently profitable will take time, study and practice.

Most problems arise for traders because they do not believe the signals they see and second guess them. That is why the Futures Trading Secrets System focuses a great deal on mental control and money management. YOU need to believe in the approach YOU are trading.

We Offer the Following Guarantees

That we will work with YOU until YOU understand our system.  Any questions?  All YOU have to do is attend the bi monthly webinars or if YOU really get stuck I can share my desktop with YOU and go over the concepts YOU are missing. I will be happy to  share my trading knowledge with YOU.

YOU can email charts, logs or any questions at any time and we will answer them promptly.

"Great eMini Russell Trade!"

Hey Bill,

Just wanted to share with YOU an awesome trade I took. I sold a E-mini Russell at 860.50. I exited at 858.20. There was no buy signal I just wanted to have a decent success trade! As YOU know the Russell finished down to 854.90, one minute before the close on 7-17 and then sold off again this morning. I left $330 on the table on 7-17, but what the heck....there's always another trading day! ;-)

Thanks again for all YOUR genuine support, detailed manual and DVD's!

Cheers! John Newman

If YOU're just curious and like to buy systems and return them, don't bother us. YOU know the market will not give YOU a refund. Be serious.

99% of our clients have kept the system, improved their trading and been entirely satisfied that this is one of the most comprehensive and complete systems on the market at a great price.  (The 30 days is a bank requirement, so the refund is always available)

Why YOU Should Order Today!

With a 70% win/loss ratio, a 2/1 risk level, and 3 trades per day using just 2 e-Mini contracts, YOU could be earning $650+ per day! That's $132,000 per trading year without compounding! (And YOU use only $1,000 in margin on each trade.) Every day YOU delay is one day without a profit of $200 to $800 in YOUR pocket.

How to Order The Course has been reduced to just $497 Futures Trading Course or just $997 That includes a Free Course and includes a personal coaching program

Once in the shopping cart do no press the back button or YOU will be charged twice. If YOU do, then clear YOUR browser cache and try again. We also accept personal or business checks and wire transfers. No money orders or certified checks please. To order by phone, please call 775-747-8829

The Course has been reduced to just $497 Futures Trading Course: $997  and the Personal six week coaching sessions are just $997. To order by phone, please call 775-747-8829

How to Order

The Course and Coaching has been reduced to just $997

  • Futures Trading Course: $497  ADD TO CART

  • Coaching that includes personal training, live trading, etc. FOR JUST $997 and the course ADD TO CART

Once in the shopping cart do no press the back button or YOU will be charged twice. If YOU do, then clear YOUR browser cache and try again.

We also accept personal or business checks and wire transfers.
No money orders or certified checks please.

To order by phone, please call 775-747-8829

William F. (Bill) McCready,
To Order by Phone:
eMail: info@futurestradingsecrets.com

P. S.  Still undecided? This Could Be YOU. See What Our Students are Doing.

Testimonials such as these were made at the time and the individual making them may no longer be trading nor experiencing the same success level at a later time. Testimonials are believed to be true based on the representations of the persons providing the testimonials, but facts stated in the testimonials have not been independently audited or verified. Nor has there been any attempt to compare the experiences's of the persons giving the testimonials after the testimonials were given. The average reader should not necessarily expect the same or similar results because testimonials are not indicative of future performance or results.

DAY TRADING involves high risks and
YOU CAN LOSE a lot of money.

Commission rule 4.41(c)(1) applies to "any publication, distribution or broadcast of any report, letter, circular, memorandum, publication, writing, advertisement or other literature…."commission rule 4.41(b) prohibits any person from presenting the performance of any simulated or hypothetical futures account or futures interest of a CTA, unless the presentation is accompanied by a disclosure statement. The statement describes the limitations of simulated or hypothetical futures trading as a guide to the performance that a CTA is likely to achieve in actual trading. Commission rule 4.41(b)(1)(i) hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under-or-over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown.

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