Charts Of Our Trades

Charts Of Our Trades

Here are a few charts of the trading signals. As YOU can see the signals are very clear and the profits have a three to one reward to risk factor. The indicators work on any time frame. We use short time frames to minimize draw-down. And we use two time frames to confirm coincidence of signals for stronger signals.

Bill McCready on Futures Trading Chart Reading Hints

  1. To watch a LIVE VIDEO of a typical day trade, sign up for our free eCourse, 12 TRADING LESSONS, in the box at the right sidebar.
  2. Simple System Comparison. Why you want a simple trading system.
  3. Time Of Day Trades: Watch these times for a reversal.
  4. Trend Reversal: Signals for trend change. 13 points/hour.
  5. Twin Time Frames for confirmations that give high probability trade signals.
  6. Support & Resistance: These areas give good targets for exits or turns.
  7. 1-Minute Bars Versus Tick Charts: The Futures Trading Secrets approach works on all time frames, but … HEED THIS WARNING: Draw-downs can be a significant risk factor if YOU use long time frames or charts based on minutes. We highly suggest minimizing risk using shorter time frames!
  8. Day Trade Gold and Silver too!
  9. Oil Trades in either Futures or ETFs.
  10. Forex Charts: EURO/USD 2 and 8 minute charts!

We can show YOU how to be even more profitable using tick charts and a new absolutely phenomenal setup that has been in allowing us to catch more moves and to stay in trades longer.

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Commodity, FOREX or Stock, Markets!”

“YOU won’t need any services, chat rooms or a math degree to make consistent daily profits.We will show YOU how take only profitable trades. Everything is in easy to follow steps. It is as simple as 1-2-3 Go!