Trading Performance

We are now updating this table in 2016 and 2013 to show YOU that results remain the same year after year because this type of trading is all about psychology.

Our normal approach is to look for 3.0 points per trade an average with a 1.5 point stop. Not all trades generate that reward to risk ratio so YOU take what the market gives YOU. Being on the right side of a trade can yield exceptional results. Being on the wrong side of the market requires iron clad discipline to take the defined loss of 1 point. Always use stops! YOU can lose more than YOUR total account if YOU are not careful.

All signal time are in Eastern Time trading 2 contracts

New trades were taken on 2/10/2016  all showing the same results

20 Points


10 Points


New trades were taken on 4/9/2013 through 4/11/2013 using our signals

Eleven Points | Eight Points | Six Points

This is a one week trading record from 2005 to show YOU the consistency of our method over the last eight years.


Fourteen Years Later we’ve gotten better using the same FTS system

Hey Bill,

YOUR system has worked amazingly well to time the entries and exits of the trades involved.
After being in the markets for over 30 years, your indicators are the best I’ve seen in the industry!

Deana S.

Our Trading Philosophy

We do not believe in watching the markets all day long. YOU “give back” too much when YOU get greedy and try to make ever play. Take what the market gives YOU and quit.

Don’t let YOURself get hypnotized by the market. After a winner or a loser, walk away for awhile.

There are always better trades and better signals. Trying to recover after a loss is a big mistake.

The average signal run developed by our trading approach was 5.51 points. This is why some trades were greater than targets and others smaller.

The CFTC Requires Us To Tell YOU That There Is Substantial Risk In Trading And That All Trades Are Hypothetical But Are Also Based On Our Signals As Developed.

YOUR results may vary based on YOUR trading style and risk tolerance under real time conditions and risk. YOU may also elect to take more or fewer trades. YOUR personal profit will depend on fills, commissions as well as which time frame YOU use. With market orders, YOU always get slippage so losses may be greater than YOUR stops.

YOU do not learn anything by having someone else trade for YOU. Even watching YOU do not get the emotional training necessary to become a trader. Most chat rooms, live trading rooms and market predictions are a waste of time and money.

See why YOU only need to make a NET 2 POINT PER DAY on the eMini!

We believe in being conservative. Once YOU learn to get a few points a day, YOU can always begin trading larger lots or more often.

Hey Bill, I’m having outstanding results with your program.

Just a tad under 40 points, 7/10; Up over 22 points. I am calling it a day: 7/9; I stink at trading today. Missed some good moves, took a nap, two losers for $10. (Did make 12 points.), 7/7;

Then, here’s my record so far: 56 points, yes for real, 52 winners and 2 losers, grabbed a point or two here and there every 2 or 3 minutes, took every turn, used the short term template, 7/3:

Wowie Maui, 130 points in just 4 days.

Pat Stuart