Why Trade the e-Mini S&P Contract?

Why Trade the E-Mini S&P Contract?

Because YOU get 100 to 1 leverage trading every contract!

Other reasons include:

  • There is no up tick rule like the stock market. You can trade long or short at any time.
  • The e-Mini is highly liquid with 800,000+/- e-Mini contracts traded daily so there is very little slippage on market orders.
  • The e-Mini represents the consensus of value for all stock in the S&P 500 index, so the effect of news spikes about individual stocks is minimized.
  • You can day trade this index and be in cash every night.
  • You can freely buy and sell depending on the margin in your account. There is no margin interest charged, and YOU can use interest earning T-Bills as collateral.
  • You can start trading with as little as a $5,000 margin account. An account size of $15,000 will help YOU optimize YOUR trading profits.
  • Making just one point (equal to $50) on one contract is a 100% gain in equity. (Losing one point is a 100% loss of trading equity).
  • You  can trade after normal market hours every day on the Globex exchange

There are many other reasons, including the fact that technical analysis works extremely well on index futures.